During a reading, I bring in my guide who attunes to the person’s energy and offers the reading.

Everything that comes up in a reading is sourced from information that the person already knows, and is related in a way that can be understood through patterns of energy, or through lifetimes that come up that show how they are playing out beliefs from the past to the present moment.

A reading is one-hour long. We schedule an appointment to meet over the phone or on Zoom.

You might feel sensations or changes in energy during a reading. There is time for questions. My guide will answer them. Then we close with a meditation. The meditation allows us space to ground what we learned, what came through in the reading, so that you can access it later.

If this calls to you, a Reading is offered online or by phone, whatever is most comfortable for you. An audio recording of the reading is shared after the call.


It began with a friendship. I met my soul-sister Julie Rickard in 1988, we were both in our early 20s. We met at a meditation seminar in Green Bay, Wisconsin. During one of the breakout sessions, we happened to sit next to each other and began conversing about our lives. Our friendship secured to each other immediately. Julie was from Madison, Wisconsin and had begun following a path of meditation, working with crystals, and opening to spirit-guided awareness. As our friendship grew, Julie invited me to go with her to many workshops, one of them was called, “Opening to Channel,” offered by Judy Reis, who has now passed on.

This class opened not only the channeling doors, but also other doors of creativity, following my heart, and gave me a sense of understanding my spiritual life. I fell in love with channeling, where I began to get information from crystals, trees, ponds, almost anything in nature. I practiced in this mode for a solid year, and then moved into channeling for friends and family, then into the larger world of channeling for people who found me by word of mouth. By this time, it was the early 1990s and I had began with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, who have written several books about our “light body.” I took several of their courses, and by 1995, I became an instructor to teach the “Awakening Your Light Body” course.

I have been channeling and sharing meditative readings with select clientele for many years.

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A Reading is offered in a one-hour session by phone or Zoom. Choose your preferred service and a time that works for you. Payment for services and yoga classes are processed securely through Square.